Product Brandong

This is my product name and branding. 2-hang came from the fact that the product its self hangs on the door. I also wanted the name to be short and sweet as a catchy name is always remembered. I have done wo variations playing on the same colour scheme.

Final Concept Render

Final CAD model

Final CAD model of Final Product

Fixing Mechaism Dimentions

Final Fixings

I finaly arrived at my final fixings. It took a few lots of prototyping and a few times in the rapid prototyper but I finally hit the nail on the head. These mechanisms are slightly longer at one side than the other so that they can hook through the eyelet and then grip on once through the other sode. Then the course of gravity takes its toll and wil pull the hook downward into place securing it behind the eyelet and holding the pouch securely in place on the straps.

Fixing Mechanism

Nearing the finish line

The images above show the last few steps of the manufacturing process of the pouches. Joining the two parts together was quite tricky and time consuming and once the polypropylene pannel was in place inbetween the inner lining and the outer layer it was made 10 times more difficult as there was a rigid plastic pannel in place. The plastic pannel and outer layer had to have holes cut in them in order for the fixings to join onto the pouch. A working drawing of this mechanism will be put up later.